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Our goal is to provide fun, interesting, unique, challenging, and educational workshops to enable our guests to enhance their photographic skills, achieve their photographic goals, and create photographs they are proud to show to others.

Since 2015, American Photo Treks has organized over 50 photography workshops. More than 300 workshop participants went on fun adventures, learned new techniques, and captured great photographs. Want to participate? Receive workshop updates and tips. Register for Free.

Here are some recaps of our photography workshops in case you would like to know what to expect:
APT Photography Workshop Recaps

“It is always such a pleasure to go out with the guides of APT! They are really helpful in improving my skills as a photographer, and they have amazing locations already scoped out in advance so our time is optimized. Hanging out with other photographers for such a long amount of time is incredibly rewarding, and the skills and knowledge that the APT guys share is invaluable.”

Kim S.

“Great tips and lessons… very organized and enjoyed working in the smaller groups.”

Gary C.

“Had a great time and learned a lot from the organizers. Not only did they explain the composition, they also shared their person camera settings to get the best shoot possible. They taught us the proper f-stop, ISO, shutter speed and even the best WB for the different types of shots we took. This would’ve taken me many attempts in trial and error to accomplish what I did in one workshop. I highly recommend participating in American Photo Treks’ workshops, you won’t disappointed.”

Tyler G.

“My first meetup with APT was THE best time I’ve EVER had on a photography trek!!! Our patient organizers were a tremendous help in clarifying in easy steps how to create professional looking photos-finally!!! Sharing tips & just talking with everyone who share a love of photography made the Aspen trip even more memorable! APT even gave us a FB link to a professional printer. I ordered a 30 x 40 Maroon Bells print I actually will get to enjoy hanging in my home!!! Thanks APT! Can’t wait to go to the next trek!”

Linda C.

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Stacking Milky Way photos in Sequator to reduce noise:

Blending Milky Way foreground and sky images:

Advanced Moon photography Workshop

Fall Colors in Grand Teton National Park

October 1-3, 2021

We will take you to the most scenic locations at just the right times to capture this National Park in Wyoming in fall-colored glory.


American Photo Treks LLC - Authorized Permittee of the National Park Service.