American Photo Treks – Grand Teton National Park Summer 2018 Photography Workshop

We had the pleasure of organizing a summer photography workshop in Grand Teton National Park in July of 2018. Grand Teton National Park offers photographers some of the most majestic and beautiful landscapes in the United States.  From iconic scenes, like Oxbow Bend and Snake River Overlook, to intimate wildflowers and shorelines.  Grand Teton National Park is one of the most photographed parks in the National Parks System for good reason.  The park’s embarrassment of riches includes beautiful mountain peaks, surrounded by pristine lakes and wide-open spaces which makes it an excellent location to capture some award-winning images. Grand Teton is also considered the best national park to photograph wildlife as well.

The park is nestled along the Teton Range, a sub range of the Rocky Mountains and Jackson Hole; the valley that the Snake River meanders through.  The Teton Range is often called America’s most spectacular.  It is a very young range (10 million years old) and therefore still has very sharp features. Incredible landscapes abound, as does wildlife.

Here is a small summary post with some highlights in case you were not able to go with us on this bucket-list photography adventure. There was a small group of participants and all of the four American Photo Treks instructors. We personally shoot with Sony, Nikon, and Canon and were able to help everyone with any specific questions related to their gear. We took our group to the most scenic locations at just the right times to capture them when they were the most beautiful.

The workshop started with meeting everyone near Jackson Lake dam on Thursday evening. We got to know each other and took some sunset photos at Jackson Lake. This was followed by taking Milky Way photos at the Mormon Row. The conditions were great and the Milky Way was extremely clear.

After a few hours of sleep we met again for Friday’s sunrise. There was no wind and we were able to get some great reflections in the Schwabacher Landing area.

We took advantage of the clear skies and decided to take Milky Way photos again. This time at String Lake.

Saturday was the day of our best sunrise. We started our day at Oxbow Bend.

The partly cloudy conditions made for great photos throughout the day.

Here are some more photos taken during the workshop.

Our group on Signal Mountain.

A cell phone photo of our group taking sunrise photos at the best spot in the Schwabacher Landing area.

Dave explaining how to take photos of wildflowers in bright conditions.

Chapel of the Transfiguration inside the National Park.

Of course, we encountered some wildlife, too.

Sunday morning wildflowers at oxbow Bend.

Our group before leaving the area on Sunday morning. This is what a tired but happy group looks like. Everyone got some great photos.

Thank you for looking and hopefully we will be able to see you on a future workshop.

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