RMNP at Night 2020 + Zoom Processing Class


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Night Photography at Rocky Mountain National Park
August 14, 2020 / 6:30PM

Rocky Mountain National Park is right in our back yard.  We invite you to spend a night with us exploring the park under the stars.

We’ll start the evening by meeting at the Beaver Meadows Visitor Center at 6:30 pm.  From there, we’ll drive up Trail Ridge Road towards the Alpine Visitor Center for sunset.  We’ll photograph the sunset from a scenic location on this majestic mountain road.

After sunset, we’ll photograph the Milky Way from several locations on Trail Ridge Road, including a beautiful alpine lake.  We’ll work our way down Trail Ridge Road making a few stops along the way to capture the Milky Way over Longs Peak.  By the time sun rises, you will have filled your memory card with some spectacular night sky images.

This year we offer a bonus post-processing class via Zoom.

What you need:

  • Camera (capable of ISO 3200+)
  • Fast lens (f/2.8 or faster), wide angle ideal
  • Tripod
  • Shutter release
  • Dress warmly in layers


Friday night, August 14, 2020 meeting at 6:30PM through (approx) 2:am Saturday morning


  • Please understand the weather can be somewhat unpredictable. We will make our best judgement by noon on Friday before the workshop to determine if the conditions will be favorable for night photography during the workshop.
  • If we have to cancel the Meetup due to weather, the workshop will be rescheduled and you will have the option to request a refund, or be automatically RSVP’d for the rescheduled Meetup.
  • It is suggested that carpooling be done if possible. This will be a late night, so company while driving increases safety. We are not organizing transportation for this outing.
  • We will be assisting with composition, exposure, etc. to help ensure that you return with Milky Way photographs you’ll be happy with. We are familiar with Canon, Nikon, and Sony cameras. It is assumed that you know the basics of your camera operation.
  • We will be sending out recommended shooting settings prior to the workshop. Please test them on your camera and lens prior to the workshop.
  • After the workshop, a link to a short processing video will be sent to all attendees to give you a starting point for processing your images from the night.

Cancellation Policy:

A full refund will be given if cancellation is made no later than one week, August 6, 2020 by 9:00 pm, prior to the workshop. After that, no refunds will be given unless your spot is filled. If your spot can be filled, a full refund will be given.  Note: All cancellations will be charged a 10% processing fee. 

If American Photo Treks has to cancel the workshop due to weather or another factor, a full refund will be issued to all attendees.

The weather in Colorado can be unpredictable. We will be watching the conditions closely the day prior and day of the workshop. Please be watching your email for updates earlier in the day prior to the workshop time.

If we make the decision to proceed with the workshop, it is because we expect conditions to be favorable for photographing the Milky Way. In some cases, there may be cloud cover when the workshop starts. If this is the case, it is because we expect conditions to clear. It may take a couple of hours for this to occur. If you leave early due to conditions and the conditions improve, no refunds or other consideration will be given.

Liability Waivers:

You will be required to read, sign, and return the American Photo Treks LLC Acknowledgement of Risk form.

American Photo Treks LLC - Authorized Permittee of the National Park Service.